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Toni Välimäki
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Missing the bird

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BIRD? I met this bird by the tree near the library. We chilled for like, 5 minutes & then without any warning he just flew away. We really hit it off. So if you see him, please let him know I miss that crazy son of a bitch.


A beautiful and inspiring quote from a wise man. To be honest and kind to yourself and each day as it is your first and not to be afraid of difficult or new things in life. random-stuff-for-the-soul

Red Bull gives you wings

Sculpture By Chen Wenling. This sculpture “What You See Might Not Be Real” is made by Chinese artist Chen Wenling. It depicts the Ponzi schemer (Bernard Madoff) as bull, devil who has sentenced to 150 yeas in prison. The bull that looks strong and is .

Watch out!

A funny picture of a back of a car with a crazy sticker on it. The sticker has a caption that reminds the other drivers to watch out for the idiots behind this car.


Picture of the Day: When Art Meets Nature - Spotted in Fort-de-France, Martinique, is this awesome street art mural that incorporates the tree situated directly behind the wall of the artwork.