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there is a drink in the glass with lime on it and an advertisement above it | Cocktail Recipes + Tips on Instagram: "“The Squirter” 2oz Berry Vodka 1oz Midori 1oz Lime 1oz Simple Syrup Topped with Squirt Soda Garnished with Lemon Wheel - - #MyBartender #cocktail #cocktails #cocktailporn #drink #drinks #drinkporn #drinkup #bar #bartend #bartender #mixology #mixologist #berry #vodka #melon #midori #green #yellow #grapefruit #squirt"
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a table
Alyssa | HOME COOKING MADE EASY on Instagram: "Orange-Cranberry Mimosas 🥂 aka My favorite Thanksgiving // Christmas Morning Cocktail 🎄CHEERS !! Ice cube tray linked in my stories // or DM me and I’ll send you the link 🫧 Make frozen juice balls using your favorite juice…freeze! Add to a glass & top with Prosecco! 👌🏼garnish with fresh thyme or rosemary to make it look extra festive! 🎄"
a close up of a drink on a table
Best Halloween Cocktails of 2023
a glass filled with liquid and fruit on top of a table
Best Halloween Cocktails of 2023
blood orange cranberry mojitos with mint leaves and garnishes
Blood Orange Ginger Cranberry Mojitos
teal - quilla sunrise cocktail with raspberries and lemons on the side
A Summer Cocktail That’s As Tasty As It Is Colorful
there is a pitcher and two glasses on the table next to each other with lemonade in it
16 Cocktail Pitcher Recipes for Festive Flavor at Your Next Party
Freeze the star fruit slices before preparing this sweet mixed drink to keep it chilled longer.
blood orange raspberry mojito is served in glasses with garnishes
a bottle of campari next to some oranges on a marble table with a glass
The Campari Orange. - The Stripe