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Drive on the Champs-Elysée, Albert Gustav Aristides Edelfelt (Finnish,

Painting by Albert Edelfelt, 1904

fuckyeahsibelius: “ A portrait by Albert Edelfelt of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius ”


Albert Edelfelt

Albert Edelfelt -Boys Playing at the Beach / Leikkiviä Poikia Rannalla, 1884

Albert Edelfelt (Finnish Academic painter, 1854-1905) Laundresses 1893  (It's About Time: Laundry)

Albert Edelfelt (Finnish Academic painter, Laundresses 1893 (It's About Time: Laundry)

Kapellimestari Robert Kajanuksen Muotokuva 1905, Albert Edelfelt  (1854-1905)

PaintingDb view of Kapellimestari Robert Kajanuksen Muotokuva by Edelfelt, Albert.

Virginie  Albert Edelfelt -

Virginie Albert Gustaf Aristides Edelfelt July 1854 – 18 August was a Swedish-speaking Finnish painter. He enjoyed considerable success in Paris

Albert Edelfelt (1854 - 1905) Finnsh artist - Children with small sailboat

This is "Boys Playing" by Albert Edelfelt painted in Edelfelt was a Swedish speaking Finnish painter .

Queen Bianca, by Albert Edelfelt

Blanche (Blanka) of Namur queen-consort of King Magnus Eriksson of Sweden and Norway. Shown here in Albert Edelfelt's painting, Queen Blanka, singing "Rida Rida Ranka" to her son, Prince Haakon, the future King of Norway.

("Women of Ruokolahti on the Church Hill"), a painting by Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905), depicts some of Finnish folk costumes in delightful detail. I prefer this painting to any modern people wearing the polished outfits as they look much more authentic. Poor people would not have worn what we are shown as Finnish folk costumes at events.

This painting is also very essential to Finnish collective memory. Amazing Albert Edelfelt, Women Outside the Church at Ruokolahti / Ruokolahden Eukkoja Kirkonmäellä Finnish artist

Kesäiltana by Finnish Painter Albert Edelfelt

Albert Edelfelt - Kesäiltana, Summer Evening, 1883 - Finland - his daughter in red hat