DIY Holiday Gifts for Mom and Dad

The cutest DIY holiday gift ideas that any kid can make for Mom or Dad!
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several polaroid pictures are arranged on a table | The official home for all things Disney
Create a Picture Travel Journal of a Lifetime
two cufflinks with red, white and blue designs on them sitting on a piece of cloth
Creative Holiday Presents Kids can Make
four different pictures with various items on them including money, plants, and other things
DIY Gifts for Him - A Handsome Handmade Holiday
a jar filled with lots of different types of food
Homemade Brownie Mix
four jars filled with different types of food on top of a pink tableclothed surface
Cowgirl Cookie Mix
four chocolate footballs sitting on top of each other with white stitching around them
Football Soap Tutorial | Recipes & Tutorials Crafting Library
#Football soap tutorial!
three jars with candy cane scrubs in them sitting on a table next to each other
DIY Candy Cane Body Scrub to Give to Friends (or Yourself!)
diy candy cane scrub
three coffee mugs decorated with different designs and letters, one has a candy wrapper in the middle
DIY Personalized Mugs
the collage shows many different items that are handmade
Handmade Gifts for moms and special friends
two children are smiling and posing for the camera in front of their christmas photo frame
Foamy Frame
Cut-Up Collages Art, Reggio Emilia, Collage, Photo Collage, Photo Craft, Photo Puzzle, Cutting Art, Collages
Cut-Up Collages
a man in an apron smiles as he prepares food
Best Ever Apron
a mickey mouse keychain with the number 1 dad on it is attached to a red car
Mickey & Pluto Keychain Charms
there is a wooden box with many different items on it
Craft Stick Jewelry Box