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the text reads, killjoys and stuff if i know how to make you uncomfortable
an image of some cartoon characters on a piece of paper with the words how most people see mcr
I hate the fact that people judge them without even really knowing the real them...
a man playing guitar in front of a large group of people on the stage at an outdoor music festival
We Heart It
the four stages of drawing with colored pencils on paper, including one boy and two girls
Vampire Money This is life. my chemical romance<<<I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT MIKEY<<< this kills me every time
an image of someone's tweeting about the song from their album,
Mychemicalromance memes. Best Collection of funny Mychemicalromance pictures on iFunny
Holllllllyyyyyy shittttttttttt
staaapppp Mikey Way Pete Wentz, Mikey Way And Pete Wentz
the words i wear band merch in public as a form of mating call on a white background
The Best Internet Posts About Bands (1st Edition)
Band fans (AKA "fangirls") really have both: a lot of creativity and time on their hands. These hilarious and totally-relatable tumblr and text posts are the results