More ideas from Stewart
Incredible portable water bottle that purifies the bacteria while out in the wilderness.

Triple-purpose water bottle for the survivalist in all of us. Portable UV-C bottle lights the way to clean water The CamelBak All Clear is a portable water bottle that uses light to disinfect. The water bottle is designed to last for years.

Device Charges Your Phone With The Heat In Your Coffee.. What?!?!?!

Epiphany One Puck charges your phone using heat transfer. Apply heat (hot beverage) to red side or cold (frosty brew) to blue side. Neat idea but I can see myself spilling the coffee on the phone.

Palm-Sized Portable Iron makes business casual on the go seamless. Would be perfect for our IT recruiters for those final touches before candidate interviews.

Palm-Sized Portable Iron Runs On USB, AA Batteries To Deliver Wrinkle-Free Clothes. Because everyone needs a portable iron.

Cube laser virtual keyboard

The Celluon Magic Cube turns any table or surface into a virtual keyboard or multi-touch mouse with its amazing laser projection and motion detection technology. The Magic Cube is smaller than a pack of cards.