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Siirtolapuutarha Oiva Marimekko see how each design works beautifully together for an eclectic feel

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Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha - Black and white modern organic patterned china plates.

Marimekko news autumn 2014 via my blog Löytö

The Oiva/Siirtolapuutarha deep plate is the perfect size for morning oatmeal with berries or late afternoon soup. The elegant Sami Ruotsalainen design is given a little sublime sass by Maija Louekari’s Siirtolapuutarha motif that decor

Tasaraita muki, musta-valkoinen

Marimekko Tasaraita Black Mug - Marimekko Kitchen & Dining Sale

Original Towel Pink

Plush and absorbent, the Lexington soft and heavy terry towel is created from 600 g combed cotton. With softness that only increases over time, our original towel in a pleasing pink color is a luxurious treat for your body.