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Обезвоживание делает нас толстыми и больными -

Fast weight loss is something most people want. However, most weight loss routines out there are not optimized to lose weight quickly.

Living Clay Sculptures By Johnson Tsang

In his Living Clay series, Hong Kong-based Johnson Tsang uses masterfully-crafted fluid forms to bring otherwise mundane stoneware to life. The sculptor mixes

Apesar de serem constituídas de fitas sinuosas de aço inoxidável fundido, estas belíssimas esculturas do artista Gil Bruvel parecem mais fluidas do que sólidas, como se pudessem voar com o vento.  Estas e outras obras da série "Fluxo" estarão expostas a

Perceiving the Flow: Human Figures Composed of Unraveling Stainless Steel Ribbons by Gil Bruvel Texas-based artist Gil Bruvel creates figurative sculptures from

Além da beleza, é necessário valorizar na arte, como a obra foi feita! Um exemplo disso é a “Série Flow” do artista Gil Bruvel. São incríveis escultu

Flow: Stainless Steel Ribbon Sculptures by Gil Bruvel Australian artist Gil Bruvel creates fascinating figurative sculptures using bands of stainless steel ribbons.

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WHAT'S UR EXCUSE …this is all natural, skin tight to the muscles muscles tight to the body not ballon jacked and c-mon 30 years and the same (no r💪🏽oiDs here)

Seated cable row exercise

A major compound exercise, the seated cable row is one of the most effective exercises for building your back and developing upper-body strength.