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Know the difference.

The Ethyl Gasoline ads from the early were illustration masterpieces — and seriously taxed the left brain.

Choreography for Plastic Army Men.

"Choreography for Plastic Army Men": an entertaining animated music video created by David Fain. It is done to an instrumental track of "Ohayoo Ohio" by Pink Martini. Now we know what plastic army men do with their time off.

Vintage Chinese firecracker label-art

Old firecracker labels. With the mis-registered printing, odd little drawings of children and animals, circus clowns, goofy names and funky typography. It doesn't get any better than the PS, Po Sing Factory label at top.

Stay Young!

Stay Young the Vampire Way “Drink this much. - Stay Young the Vampire Way “ “Drink this much Human Blood Every Day! – Drink a full big glass of Human Blood every single day to get plenty of B Negative – one thing your undead body doesn’t store up.

Owls are all feather, little bird.

Cross-sectioned taxidermied Great Grey Owl, Strix nebulosa, showing the extent of the body plumage, Zoological Museum, Copenhagen. Photo by FunkMonk via wikipedia.

Design nori. Laser cut.

The Umino Seaweed Shop commissioned creative agency I BBDO, who developed this laser-cut nori, to respark the sale of nori. Design Nori is intricately patterned laser-cut seaweed for sushi rolls.