Tove Jansson Moomin summer Madness watch the puppets of this the other day

Tove Jansson Moomin summer Madness watch the puppets of this the other day

Muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti - Tove Jansson

A very special find, because this drawing was not present in my favourite childhood book, 'Moomins and the Comet Chase'

Tove Jansson illustrated J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit for the 1962 Swedish edition.

Did you know that Moomin creator Tove Jansson illustrated J.R Tolkiens The Hobbit for the 1962 swedish edition?

"-Nyt saatte syödä papuja niin, että tulette neliskulmaisiksi, sillä pysähdymme tänne joksikin aikaa rauhoittumaan ja minä opettelen teidän nimenne. Sytyttäkää piippuni!" -Nuuskamuikkunen. Vaarallinen juhannus

Tove Jansson, Midsummer Madness, in which snufkin wrecks a park and adopts 24 orphaned children this is easily one of the cutest parts of the moomin books

Tove Jansson - What else is there? |

Alter Ego speaking: Artist of the Month (July): Tove Jansson.

Tove Jansson

Ham worked as an illustrator and drawer. Among other projects she designed banknotes for the Bank of Finland. She also designed all the Finnish postage stamps during Unlike Moominmamma Ham made a lot more than just housework.

Tove Jansson Hobbit | Illustration: Tove Jansson’s Hobbit

Tove Jansson's illustrations to J. Tolkien: Bilbo – en hobbits äventyr, Rabén & Sjögren, p. 48 - The petrified trolls

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Although they're small, fat and shy creatures, Moomins have the most amazing adventures. It all begins when Moominpappa tries on a magic hat that makes exciting and funny things happen.