i LOVE this!!! there is no other water therapy as cleansing and recalibarting as a sauna for me and the more steam the better.

It is another day with ninety degree heat and humidity. Many of the older cabins in this area have saunas which their residents still use and dearly love. This barrel-shaped sauna is near a rebuilt Scandinavian cottage on Williams Lake, Mn.

Scandinavian design is present on the second floor, like this unique bathroom scheme.

Modern Feature-Rich House In Moscow

35 Awesome Steam Rooms For Modern House: 35 Awesome Steam Rooms For Modern House With Glass Door And And Wooden Steam Room Vanity And Bathtub

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Learn some of the many benefits associated with far infrared saunas and why these types of saunas are the best ones to consider using over traditional saunas.

Enjoying a Sauna at Home: The Health Benefits of Far Infrared Saunas


That's quite a cool idea, to have different coloured wood on the sauna walls. But then it would need decent lighting .


This 3 person sauna takes up little space and turns any bathroom into a getaway.

Barrel Sauna - Barrel Outdoor Sauna

Barrel Sauna - Barrel Outdoor Sauna - Very cool outdoor version of a sauna


Sauna with stone, raised floor, window for natural light, glass wall.


Its very simple looking, but I like the look, and it would be great for those who just want to sit back and relax in complete comfort.