Glistening Sun-Orchid: Thelymitra lucida - by Macro Orchids Tasmania, via Flickr

Glistening Sun-Orchid: Thelymitra lucida - by Macro Orchids Tasmania.hey, we do things very well in little old Tassie!

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Casper the Friendly Ghost flower. So pretty.and I will find a place in my garden for this! - Gardening For Life


Cypripedium fargesii orchid is very rare with a scattered and restricted distribution in south Gansu, west Sichuan, west Hubei and north Chong, China.

Exotic orchid Miniature-orchid ~ Micro-orquidea: Pleurothallis dodsonii...... #Orchids #Garden_Decor #Garden_Decor_Ideas #Garden_Design

Originally found listed as Pleurothallis melanopoda, but we believe it to be Pleurothallis dodsonii.


"Orchis Simia" -- also known as the 'Monkey Orchid' Look at those terrifying yet adorable faces! This is the craziest looking plant I have ever seen!

arachnis annamensis - the scorpion orchids consists of more than 20 species native to southeast asia, indonesia, the philippines, new guinea, and the solomon islands. generally grow in bright colors in areas where they receive daily rainfall much of the year

Arachnis annamensis - THE SCORPION ORCHIDS consists of more than 20 species native to southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands.


Mutant Purple-Beard-Orchid - Peculiar three-lipped variant of Calochilus platychilus (Purple-beard-orchid) flowering in the Peter Murrell Reserve, Tasmania, Australia

Gongora tricolor Orchid

Gongora tricolor or the Three Coloured Gongora. Found in Costa Rica and Panama at elevations of sea-level to 100 meters.


Blue orchids- these are fake color. (nice though) they water white orchids with food coloring before they bloom. there ARE real blue orchids, but not this pecies. the Vanda species has natural blue in it, but requires scary high light levels

Orchid variant

Dendrobium spectabile flower ~ is a warm growing species native to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The 18 inch to 2 foot long canes produce masses of flowers that look like aliens from another world.

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Oprhys tenthredinifera Wild orchids of Spain ~ Such delicate beauty [Orchids growing wild! That's amazing. I want to go and live in Spain.