Moominmug - Winter2015: Talviuni/Hibernation / Winter sleep

Winter mug 2015: Hibernation

Muumimuki, talvi Talviuni / Moomin mug winter Hibernation

Moomin mug Moominpappa.

The new 2014 Moominpappa mug features illustrations by Tove Slotte-Elevant and it shows the adventurous Moominpappa sailing. It is set to be released together with the new Moominmamma mug and they go really well together.

Mymble's Mother Mug - All Things Moomin

Mymble's Mother is illustrated with her children on this Moomin mug from Arabia. Tove Jansson describes her personality as loving, warm and proud. Mymble's Mother has 17 children, all as brave and stubborn as the most famous one - Little My.

Muumi Emalimuki / Moomin Enamel Mug, Little My Blue #Muurla

Muumi Emalimuki / Moomin Enamel Mug, Little My Blue Finland

Muumi Seikkailu muki 0,3 l, Muutto

The Adventure Move mug by Arabia from 2013 features a famous motive from Moomintroll and the comet. Arabia artist Tove Slotte has designed this delightful Moomi

Arabia Muumit Toven juhla -muki 0,3 l - Prisma verkkopalvelu

Moomin special mug 2014 "Tove jubilee". Celebrating Tove Janssons 100 th birthday. Mug nr.

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