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a painting of a cow grazing in front of a barn with a cloud above it
one | ...are we ever alone? | jamie heiden | Flickr
an abstract painting with black, pink and grey squares on the top of it's sides
ArtPropelled | iamjapanese: Sandra Pratt(American, b.1978) ...
an abstract painting of several buildings in different colors and sizes, with one building on the other side
urban oils - mid 1990s - stuart shils
an abstract painting of two houses in the fog
Victor Mirabelli | ArtSlant
a house in the middle of a field with birds flying overhead
Evening Chores
Evening Chores | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an oil painting of some houses on a hill
Victor Mirabelli
Victor Mirabelli’s impressionistic landscape oil paintings reflect the undaunted beauty of the countryside and structures that surround him. His approach is undisciplined, free spirited—an abandonment from the traditional—resulting in something “fresh and imaginative.” Mirabelli attributes his styl
an abstract painting of two white houses in the middle of a large body of water
Dismantling the Master’s House | Lion’s Roar
Dismantling the Master’s House - Lion's Roar
an abstract painting of two white houses in a yellow field with grey sky behind them
painting by Victor Mirabelli