Säämobile - esim. alkuluokkaan kalenterin / vuodenaikataulun viereen?

Weather Mobile Craft for Kids

Weather Mobile Craft for Kids Using a Stick- Fun art project for your next weather unit, to hang in your art room, or near your calendar or circle time area! (Can even be done as a collaborative art project!

displaying family pictures in preschool classroom - Google Search

Back to school ideas: Displaying family pictures in the classroom chases the blues away! What a cute idea. So doing this with my kinder class.

persoonlijke postbakjes voor de leerlingen. ideaal voor contractwerk of hoekenwerk.

Recycled cereal boxes used to make personalized book bins - This is a good idea for organizing unfinished work or makeup work.

Käyttöideoita japanilaisille mt masking, washi, kuvio-, kangas-, kohokirjoitus- ja pitsiteipeille sekä muutenkin vinkkejä pikku askarteluun.

Improve the look of your boring radiators, with Masking Tape / Washi Tape :)