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Kimono Iida & Co./Takashimaya (Japanese, founded 1831) Date: ca. 1910 Culture: Japanese Medium: silk

Kimono Designer: Iida & Co./Takashimaya (Japanese, founded Date: ca. 1910 Culture: Japanese Medium: silk Dimensions: Length at CB (a): 53 in. cm) Length (b): 123 in. cm) Credit Line: Gift of Harold T. Marcus, 1995 Accession Number: b

Momoyama : 1610 c.Tie dyeing and ink painting on silk.Important Cultural Property ( Tokyo National Museum ).This stunning kimono with its dramatic assymetrical sweep of bamboo down one side is heralds the distinctive KANBUN designs of the next period of Japanese history.

Japan, Kosode (kimono with small wrist openings), skin of pine-tree and bamboo pattern on white silk-warp fabric, Momoyama century Tokyo National Museum.

Noh Robe (Uwagi), second half of 18th - first half of 19th century

Japan, Noh Robe (Uwagi), Figured silk satin weave (rinzu) embroidered with silk satin stitch and couched metallic thread, second half of c - first half of c