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Gas, mud and horror: How German and Allied forces fought during the First World War

For Canadian infantry, their first engagement against the German Army came during the attack near Ypres called 'The Second Battle of Ypres', where the Germans first used poison gas on the Western Front.

A timeline of the Holocaust | 1933-1945 | Free poster download | #teaching #history

This is a timeline of the holocaust. I think it is important to first understand why the refugees were fleeing from Europe, and trying to enter Canada.

What was it like in a World War One trench?

What was it like to live and work in a World War One trench? Find out in this Bitesize primary guide.

Diagram of a WWI trench

Trench warfare is a form of land-based military tactic in which soldiers would advance towards each other while utilizing the protection of trenches. Trench warfare would often result in a stalemate.

Pearl Harbor Attack

Pearl Harbor Attack--my home port during the Vietnam War. Many relics and reminders of the Pearl Harbor attack were still there in Nearby Hickam Airfield still had holes in the walls of offices and barracks as a reminder to never let our guard down.