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a table with flowers on it next to a purple chair and pink wall in the background
several vases and flowers on a shelf in front of a purple wall
a woman in a pink dress with flowers on her head and the words studio vivi above it
Hey y’all, we’re taking a tiny winter break between Jan. 31st - Feb. 3rd. ❄️🏂☃️ In the meantime you can browse through our brand new website! (Or a website that was almost ready for six months but we were ”too busy” to finish it). You’ll find the link in our bio.✨🤝🔥 📷 @orupold #studioviivi
pink and purple flowers are in a vase on a table with other glass objects around it
several vases and flowers on a table with one flower in the foreground, another behind it
a glass table with vases and flowers on it in front of a pink wall
a small white pumpkin sitting next to pink flowers
Some time ago @annaautio shot these amazing images for @studiosmoo at our beautiful studio.💖 We did the floral work. 🌸 If interested in renting out the studio for a photo shoot or a small event, please send us an email at 💌 Please note that this applies to companies only. 💐
three colorful bowls sitting on top of a counter
These unique handmade flower vessels by @liisaheimo come in two different sizes, small 150€ & large 190€. 💐 The glass grid helps you easily create beautiful arrangements with only a few blooms. 🌸💖🌼 #studioviivi #liisaheimo
there are many different vases on the table with flowers in them and one is pink
Studio OPENING HOURS week 49: Mon 12-19 Tue CLOSED Wed CLOSED Thu 10-16.30 Fri CLOSED Sat 11-17 Sun 12-15 🌸💐🌸💐🌸💐🌸 #studioviivi
an arrangement of flowers and vases on a table in a room with pink walls
Studio opening hours next week: Mon 12-18 Tue CLOSED Wed 12-18 Thu 12-18 Fri 11-19 Sat 11-16 🌸💐🌸💐🌸💐🌸 You can also contact us directly to set up an appointment 💌 #studioviivi
two statues of leopards in front of a pink wall with plants on the other side
Studio open tomorrow, Friday 11-18 & Saturday 11-14. Welcome. 🌸💕💐 #studioviivi
there are many books on the table with each one's own name and pictures
Studio opening hours this week: Wed 11-19 Thu 11-19 Fri 11-19 Sat 11-16 In addition to flowers and vases, beautiful floral books are also available at the studio. 🌸📖 📷 @elemeriv
a vase with flowers in it sitting on a table next to a flower arrangement that is shaped like an elephant
@katztudio Illusia vase - one of the most beautiful vases we’ve ever seen. 😍 Available at the studio. 🌸 Studio open today until 7pm. 👍🏼 #studioviivi #katztudio
a pink room with vases and flowers on the shelves in front of it's mirror
Studio open this Thursday & Friday (26.-27.) from 11am to 7 pm. 🌸💕 #studioviivi
a group of people standing in front of a window with the words studio vivi on it
Last Friday was ❤️💕❤️! So many people came to celebrate the official opening of the studio. Huge thanks to @cocacolafi, @thegoodguys_kombucha and Proud Cuveé Brut for partying with us! 🎉🌸 The biggest thank you also to @merimilash @minjakonttori @cameleonfinland @glitterofficial for Viivi’s A M A Z I N G makeup & hair. Wonderful photos by @elemeriv #studioviivi #cocacolafi #thegoodguyskombucha #proudcuveebrut