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how to make nail polish flowers in a pot
How To Make Nail Polish Wire Flowers
Christmas Decor Craft Hack
DIY Holiday Wallpaper Wrapping
Because beautiful wallpaper is good for more than one thing. Shop now.
some christmas themed items are laid out on a table
30 Dollar Tree Jenga Blocks DIY Christmas Crafts - I Luve It
the ants go marching one by one in front of a window with grass and trees
DIY Dollar Store Garden Statue Idea
Check out this creative cheap and easy way to decorate your backyard or front yard. This cute dollar tree garden statue is a cut way to add some charm to your outdoor decor. #hometalk
three tall red, white and blue vases with streamers in them on a patio
two pictures with dandelion globes in the middle and bottom one is upside down
DIY Dandelion Globe
a cross made out of wooden sticks sitting on top of a table
three blue flower pots sitting on top of each other with plants growing out of them
25 Creative DIY Spring Porch Decorating Ideas – It’s All About Repurposing!