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Blumentopf-Turm als kleine und platzsparende Balkon Idee
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two hanging flower pots on the side of a house
Creative Container Gardening - Sand and Sisal
Creative Container Gardening - Sand and Sisal
a potted planter with flowers in it and the measurements for each flowerpot
13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks
three pictures of wooden blocks with plants in them and glue on the top, along with other pieces of wood that have been assembled
Jenga block plant holder
multiple images of different colors and shapes - mommyhasapottymouth Resources and Information.
Simple Outdoor Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 25 Pics | Mommy Has A Potty MouthMommy Has A Potty Mouth
two wooden pallets with gardening tools on them and the words, pallet gardening table
DIY: Pallet gardening table
#DIY: Vertical pallet gardening table. This is brilliant! No more gardeing related back ache #homesfornature
an outdoor garden with plants hanging from it's sides
Personally, I like the 1/8" steel cable design. But I have to say, it's super easy to put the chain link version together! (my DIY chicken coop in background)
three potted plants with green leaves in them domain name is for sale. Inquire now.
How to Grow Hydrangeas From Cuttings
some potted plants are sitting on a wooden bench
Building a potting bench out of pallets.
potting bench made from pallets. This will be a great project!
an illustration of a garden with tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables in it
Pre-Planned Gardens
This is the coolest gardening site EVER! On the Gardener's Supply Company website you can design your own garden beds by clicking and dragging the plants you want, where you want them. Then you can print your planting map WITH very detailed planting directions. Hurray!!!:)
white flowers are growing on the side of a wooden bench in front of green leaves
climbing hydrangea
a potted plant with red, white and blue flowers
For Gorgeous Containers Use The Thriller Spiller Filler Method
For gorgeous containers, use the Thriller/Spiller/Filler method.