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河本の実験室: Prototyping "Tempescope", an ambient weather display

Most home weather displays use an LED screen or other moderately interesting methods of showing you what’s going on outside. The [Tempescope], however, takes an entirely different route, actu…

64 RGB-LED Color Table - Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog

LED lights are great for interior design. There are many ways of using LED lights in decor from ambient lighting to decorative lamps. Here are some Creative LED Lights Decorating Ideas for your inspiration.

Wall Mounted Electronic Chess

Wall Mounted Electronic Chess

Third Hand

In the past I've used the third hands/helping hands available at chain electronics shops and have been frustrated with their usability.

430BOOST-SHARP96 BoosterPack

TI’s evaluation module (evaluation board) helps move your designs from prototype to production.