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several boats are parked along the side of a canal with trees lining both sides and flowers in the foreground
amsterdam canal
#amsterdam #netherlands #canal #summer #city #boats #cute
large bubbles are floating in front of an old building with balconies on the windows
an angel statue sitting on top of a pile of rocks in front of a wall
Winged Victory of Samothrace (front view), Lourve Museum, Paris
a large building with many heads hanging from the ceiling
the statues are all lined up on the stairs
the statue is surrounded by people in black and white
F&O Fabforgottennobility
a statue with a hat on top of it's head next to a wall
Robert Hadley
a busturine sitting in front of a painting
a statue is surrounded by ivy in the middle of an area that looks like it's growing
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an angel statue sitting on top of a stone wall next to a yellow flower vase
Campo Verano Grave
an angel statue in the middle of a garden