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a bedroom with an open door leading to the balcony and patio area that overlooks the ocean
a summer house in america
a room with two windows and a desk in front of the window is an ocean view
UmbertoArte on Twitter
UmbertoArte on Twitter: "günaydın ☀️ peloponnese, greece" / Twitter
a white bookcase with books and vases on top of it in a living room
The Beachside Home of Interior Designer Thea Kiel
an old radio sits on top of a table next to a wicker basket with headphones in it
a living room filled with furniture next to a window covered in curtains and bookshelves
the sunflowers are blooming through the glass door to the room where the sewing machine is located
View from my sewing studio
a living room filled with furniture and a large potted plant on top of a wooden table
a bed room with a book shelf filled with books and a plant next to a window
there are many books on the shelves above the stairs in this room with plants and potted plants
Dream staircase😍
a lamp that is on in front of a book shelf filled with books and other items
an empty room with wood paneling and windows
219 north cliffwood....the walnut paneled library