Pigeons - Cute animation cartoon

Pigeons - Cute animation cartoon Another illustration of making Inferences. Make inferences regarding emotion based on facial expression

▶ The Snowman, Full Version [HD] - YouTube

The Snowman, Full Version [HD] (David Bowie intro) A great British animated Cartoon/Film from based on the award winning children's novel "The Snowman" by Raymond Briggs Featuring David Bowie Intro th

Tulitikkutyttö -satu.

Created with PowerPoint PowerPoint displays Hans Christian Andersen's short story, "The Little Match Girl" paragraph by paragraph with relevant graphics. Font is clear so that students can read along on the screen. Blue background and white lettering.

Areenan ladattavat sadut. Täytettä tunneille.

Areenan ladattavat sadut. Täytettä tunneille.