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Houses of GoT

Westeros map with houses

1003670_480651315349620_1661208833_n.jpg 467×750 pixels

splashes-of-red: Alexi K, Cognitive Polygraph (Woman Disrobing), 2013 (Pen Ink) Featured here ~nice contour drawing

(D36) untitled 23.8 x 15.4 cm pencil on paper 2013

KwangHo Shin untitled x cm pencil on paper 2013

A glimpse / Alessandra Hogan

Shadows speak more truth than body's.

Compelling And Creative Charcoal Drawings To Capture Your Eye - Bored Art

Hearken thy mournful euphony

Desenho água

Clara Lieu, lithographic crayon on Dura-Lar. This drawing is from "Wading", a…

Smudginess of charcoal near-perfectly captures the fading, washed out mascara. Additionally, the simple addition of lines help give form to the face of a woman using positive/negative space.

interesting approach showing emotion of sadness/greif

ipoophere: “ hugs or something edit: yes it’s ok if u wanna use this as a ref ”

holding by Kel - Art References

Basic Female (female) torso painting process this is the same method my instructor used

dibujo-Basic Female Torso Tutorial by ~timflanagan

PRINT of my Original Art- Original Sketch -Ink Figure 2- Fine Art Print

PRINT of my Original Art- Original Sketch -Ink Figure Fine Art Print by Geordanna the Artist This is a fine art print of an original sketch