Decor - Christmas and winter - little tabletop Christmas tree - we have a NYC apartment and will be traveling most of the holiday season. I think a little tree will be in order! Still festive, absolutely adorable.


I will make my dining room like this for news year eve. Also got to get a fun dress to bring in the new year.


Cinnamon came from Egypt 2000 + years ago is great for fighting fat among many other health benefits! In Biblical Times it was worth more than gold! Cinnamon has Anti-Clotting, Anti-Microbial,Blood Sugar Control and Brain Heart Health benefits as well .


classic red and white Christmas presents - My mom used to wrap with a theme each year, and lots of years it was red ribbons on simple white paper.

Christmas baby

baby's first christmas photo. baby girl better be here a few days early! I wanna take cute pictures like this! JUST NEEDS A SANTA HAT

Inspiration to Decorate for the Holidays.lights from IKEA; hang from an entry or hallway for a whimsical wintry look for the holidays


I am in love with these bony christmas trees in galvanized buckets, definitely going to try for this look next xmas!


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