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Susanna Lähteenmäki
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Run & Fly Dresses #ebay #Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Run & Fly Dresses #ebay #Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Frozen Kong Dog Treat Recipes

Dogs love to chew, and nothing beats settling in with a treat-filled frozen kong to keep dogs busy, mentally stimulated and happy! Kong toys are perfect for filling with delicious treats and freezing.

How To Make A Comfy, No-Sew Pet Bed For Your "Best Friend"

Man’s best friend deserves a comfy bed, too! This DIY no-sew pet bed from One Good Thing features soft fleece and is great for big dogs.

Keep your pups entertained and hydrated this summer with a DIY Pupsicle for Dogs! Fill a bucket with water and a little chicken broth (make sure it's low sodium). Add dogs toys and treats and freeze! TIP: Freeze in a few layers so all the toys don't end up on the bottom.

DIY Ice Lick or Dogsicle for Dogs - freeze water in a bucket with treats, dog toys, chicken broth etc.Fill the 96 oz. bucket with water or use chicken/beef broth. Add dog toys and treats. Freeze the bucket in the freezer until it is hard.