Lita Lita: FREE Days of the Week Wheel in English and Spanish for students to individually color and use

Days of the week wheel FREEBIE *Daily repetition of this may help those kiddos who have difficulty sequencing days of the week

Un petit oiseau en papier pour fêter le printemps et amuser les enfants !

Black Cardboard SWALLOW This is the bird that appears in the book "Song of the Swallow." This is a good idea for children to see what a swallow looks like.

Coordinates map (SB10417) - SparkleBox

A simple printable map that can be used for all sorts of coordinates-based activities.

Arktiset aromit - Syötävän hyvät väritys- ja puuhatehtävät

Arktiset aromit - Syötävän hyvät väritys- ja puuhatehtävät

Compass Rose Worksheet: Use this Compass Rose worksheet to teach students about North, South, East West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest directions. Information: Compass Rose Worksheet, Direction Worksheet, Compass Worksheet, Map, Maps, Compass Rose, Direction

Compass Rose Worksheet