Me- "what should I caption this?" Him- "it's my birthday b*tch." Ahahahaha

Natural Makeup I love this look with the sun on her eye which makes it pop even more! I do this a lot too because I have blue eyed and they definitely pop in the sunlight.

Dian has Closed in on herself and we might just lose her altogether HARLOW! if she doesn't find someone soon. - sib

The benefits of vitamin C serums are plentiful. This all-star ingredient brightens skin and fights wrinkles. Here, the best vitamin C serums for your face.

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How To Wear Straight Leg Jeans

Long hair is back in and these beauties prove that anyone can pull it off.

35 Long Hair Looks We Love

BAZAAR editor long-hair style favorites, from Lily Aldridge to Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Beyonce and more: (Favorite Lipstick Colour)