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I learned this in Texas | enchilada, ground beef, Fritos, sauce, dinner | I learned this in Texas I used fritos, ground beef and enchilada sauce to create a delicious dinner in the crockpot! | By Elaine Carol’s Kitchen | Alright, that's two bags of my original Fritos. Okay, I'm just going to spread this out right here into my crockpot and now I've got some pre-brown ground beef. Just going to sprinkle this. Whoop. Sprinkle this all in. Ooh yeah. Look how good that looks. Yum. Two of my favorite foods already. Now, I'm coming in with some enchilada sauce. Cheers. Just going to oh yeah. We want to get this all nice and covered. Perfect. That looks good. Now I'm going to give this a nice stir. Start incorporating some of this. I don't want to break up my chips too much. But I do want this sauce to be able to penetrate the meat. And get down into my chips. Oh yeah. Ooh baby. This is looking good. Oh boy that looks amazing. Okay. Alright. Next thing we're going to add some refried beans. Now these are so good for you. They're full of fiber. Says so right on the can. I'm going to break this up. Get off my spoon. Breaking this up into spoonfuls. And I'm just putting this spread in a little I was getting a little crazy with the beans there. Getting a little spread out here amongst my crockpot. There we go. You might have noticed I'm doing this all in the crockpot. Isn't that awesome? You don't have multiple dishes to clean up. I love the cock crockpot because you can just set it and forget it. Oh yeah. Okay, I'm getting all this out of here. Not going to waste anything. It's a little more in there. It's just getting away from me. There we go. Perfect. Okay. I'm going to kind of spread these beans out in a layer just like that. Oh, yes. You cannot have this without beans. If you don't like beans, I don't like you. I'm just kidding. Just kidding but if you if you don't like refried beans, I don't know. You've got interesting taste buds to save the least. Okay, Hey, that looks so good. Okay. Now I've got some diced onions. I spent minutes crying over this. I'm just kidding. My husband cut this up for me because I don't like to do it myself. Isn't that nice? What is with these ingredients? They never want to come all the way out. There we go. That looks good. Okay, I'm going to put a little bit of garlic powder. I know there's already sort of some salt and pepper in here but I like a little bit of garlic in every single thing that I eat. Except for your heart. Now, I've got some diced green chilies and you can leave these out if you don't like em. They're not too spicy. They just give it a little bit more flavor. It's kind of nice to see something green. We can pretend like this is a salad. There we go. Perfect. Getting my full serving of vegetables here. Yum. There we go. And now oh I almost forgot my taco seasoning. Now this is just the regular. But there is a hot version that I also enjoy. Okay and this is why I didn't need salt and pepper in here. Because I was adding in this taco seasoning. And don't worry that's going to just sip on through here. It's going to sip down all the way down into that enchilada sauce onto those chips into that meat. That's going to be perfect. Okay and now I've got some Mexican blend of cheesy chemore cheese please. And here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to do it just like this. Just like that. And as you can see here I am leaving half of this unheezed. Why might I be doing that? It's not because everyone in my house doesn't like cheese. We do. Everyone likes cheese. But you know what? I always hear that grating your own cheese is the thing to do. I just hear it's so much better, better for you. I gotta move this hand. Alright, we gotta do it like this because I can't do the. Oh darn it. It's gotta come forward. There we go. We made it. What's going on here? What is going on? What I knew that the whole time. It was just just plain. Alright. Anyway, we're going to shred our cheese here. This is this is tougher than it looks. Marty. Help. And that's why I don't cut the onions, ladies and gentlemen. Right. That's looking good. Let me try this thing now that was it's blocking my way before and now it's a tool that I absolutely need. There we go. Oh my goodness. Well, that was perfect timing because we got all our cheese shredded here. There we go. Good. Okay. Now I'm just going to take this shredded Monterey Jack. And I'm going to put this on the other half here. We're going to see which one's better. I hear in the comments sometimes people are like pre-shredded cheese has cellulose. And then I don't know exactly what that is. Someone told me it was I don't know. Maybe it came from a tree. I have no idea. Anyway. I'm not a scientist. But I do like to make delicious food and if this cheese is going to make it better, I'm willing to try it. Okay, I'm going to put my lid onto my crockpot. This is going to take no time at all and we're going to put this on high for about 30 minutes and then we're going to come check on it. See you then. Okay, our Fritos pie in our crockpot has been on high for about an hour just to warm everything up. Get those juices flowing and all mixed together and we are ready to dig into this. It smells so good though taco seasoning spices. That cheese on top. And we're about to see which cheese is the better cheese. Is the big cheese. Look at that. Okay, this is the pre-shredded. And this is the cheese we shredded ourselves. What do you think? It's so hard to tell. Maybe we can't tell by looking. What do you think hon? I think we're going to have to taste it. We're going to have to taste it. Okay. Let me get in here. Oh yeah. This is exactly what we're wanting it to be. Oh yes. Yes. Okay. I'm going to go in here. Oh boy I'm pulling out a big old scooperoo. Getting some of that cheese right on top. My Fritos. We're all down in here. Perfect. Okay. Let me get a piece of this cheese on the other side there. Oh boy. Oh boy. Okay, we're going to do, we're going to do first the black cheese. I'm going to taste the black cheese. That's really good. It's really good. I don't know how you could go wrong. These seasonings, this ground beef. Oh my gosh. Everything in this Frito's Pie is amazing. Oh that's so good. Alright. There can only be one winner. I think it's the Gs that came on the block.