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Go behind the scenes and learn how the talented John from He Needs Food takes his food photos.
Jenny Blake, the author of "Pivot," recommends thinking of your happiness formula on a micro level—day-to-day routines and 5-to-20-minute habits—and on a macro level of bigger choices, like where to live and work. What micro and macro elements are most important to build into your life?
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from The Power of Habit by Charles Duhig.
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Basic Auto Mechanic Skills To Fix Your Car Yourself | How To Clean Car Engine, Jump-start, Repair Window, Change Serpentine Belt And So Much More! by Pioneer Settler at
How to use a Bullet Journal for Productivity. Such pretty bullet journal spreads and gorgeous images. Unique ideas too! ♥
10 Principles ...of many.
What type of learner are you?
How to Set Goals That Stick!