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an image of hands and birds in different positions
Shadow Puppets Youtube Video - Best Hand Animals | The WHOot
someone is holding their hand up to show how many fingers are in the shape of a triangle
16 Images That Are A Real Eye-Opener For People Who Had No Idea
a wooden box filled with lots of magnets
DIY Wooden Crate Storage and Display for Hot Wheels Cars - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
an old fashioned handwriting with cursive writing on lined paper in black and white
pro peruskoulu: Kaunokirjaimet
several balloons with faces on them in front of a window
21 Lego Birthday Party Ideas that are simply awesome
21 Lego Birthday Party Ideas that are simply awesome
crocheted baby booties and diaper on a pink blanket with instructions to make them
Folded Crochet Toddler Slippers - DIY - AllDayChic
Crochet Toddler Slippers – DIY - 15 Feet-Warming Free Crochet Slipper Patterns | GleamItUp
an open metal container filled with lots of different colored candles on top of a tiled floor
Nerf storage ideas!
dart storage
a pink lollipop sitting on top of a white piece of paper in the grass
Candyland Party
DIY Candy Land Party Decorations ~ plenty of decoration ideas inspirations to do it yourself! How easy is this LollyPop Marker!
a young boy sleeping in a laundry basket with two puppies on the floor next to him
Found them together
Best 18th Birthday Present Jokes, Parents, Lille, Birthday, Children, Humour, Baby Love, Bebe, Future Baby
Best 18th Birthday Present
Best 18th Birthday Present
four different views of a model boat in various stages of construction, including the hulls and engine
The Invention Platform
We need this!
a child's drawing of a giraffe in the grass
Young Explorers Class
Start with a magazine or newspaper clipping and let the child expand the picture...I even want to try this
a baby in a ball pit with lots of balls
Ball Pit Fun!!!!
DIY Homemade ball pit made with PVC pipes!
two glass vases filled with plants and miniature figurines on top of a table | The official home for all things Disney
Make a Lego Terrarium (Photo by Carlo Mendoza) Added by Geek+Nerd: I think it would be awesome saucey to take my friend's Star Wars Lego figures and make mini worlds!
a young boy in a skeleton costume poses for the camera with his hands on his hips | The official home for all things Disney
Duct tape costume: probably really inexpensive & do-able for either a kid or an adult.
a collage of people wearing hats and glasses with the words spy party written on them
Amazing Secret Agent ! Would be so fun for elementary age boys OR girls. Complete with printables, activities, and bomb cupcake ideas!
a snow globe sitting on top of a table next to a pink and white frame
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
This will be happening all winter
a table topped with pink and black balloons next to a cake on top of a table
black and white polka dots and damask with fuschia / hot pink accents Baby Shower Party Ideas | Photo 4 of 12
Flowers made out of balloons
an image of someones hand wrapped in plastic
Halloween treat bag--for the neighbor kids we personally know
how to draw an owl with four different eyes and five different head shapes for each one
Owl Obsession Series – How to Doodle an Owl
How to Draw an Owl yay :) kids will love
a little boy sitting on top of a bed next to a teddy bear
Songbirds and Buttons
Light Cave! Just poke holes in the top of a large cardboard box, insert colorful Christmas lights and voila! The cutest nook and play area for your little ones!