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a quilted table runner on a wooden floor
a quilt hanging on a fence with a red ribbon around it and an award pinned to it
Marianne Haak (@mariquilts) posted on Instagram: “I’m honored and excited that Distraction won a first place ribbon in the Abstract and Improvisational category at the Quilt Canada National…” • Jun 17, 2022 at 3:11am UTC
an orange and black quilt on a bed
a quilt hanging on the wall with yellow and black triangles in it's center
two quilts are sitting on top of an old wooden ladder, one is yellow and the other is gray
a quilt for harry.
three different shapes are shown with the words shape triangle and quilting below them in black, pink, and white
Triangle Quilt Pattern Update: How to get Sharp Triangles
a woman holding up a pink and black quilt on top of a grass covered field
the triangle quilt pattern is shown in pink and black
a chair with a black and white quilt on it next to a wooden step ladder
a quilt hanging on the wall next to a white door with a blue and green triangle design
Sew & Sews
Sew & Sews: 2016
a white quilt with yellow and blue triangles on it sitting on top of a wooden floor
an orange and black quilt sitting on top of a wooden chair next to a white wall
a coral and mint isosceles quilt.
triangle quilt love the colours!!