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My first office had an incredible view! Ready to travel and practice yoga? Or want to use your mind to get there without purchasing a plane ticket? Discover how you can in this blog post about meditation... Wellness Practices, Embrace The Unknown, Evening Yoga, Earth Photography, Yoga Studios, Plane Ticket, Meditation Retreat, States Of Consciousness, Practice Yoga
My first office had an incredible view! Ready to travel and practice yoga? Or want to use your mind to get there without purchasing a plane ticket? Discover how you can in this blog post about meditation...
three women are doing yoga on their mats in the middle of a porch with palm trees behind them
Before booking a yoga retreat, ask yourself: DO I HAVE A YOGA TEACHER OR YOGA STYLE I LIKE? Because, let’s be honest. Not all yoga teachers and not all yoga styles will resonate with every person. Just like some people prefer strawberry ice cream to a chocolate-vanilla swirl, there will be different yoga preferences for each student. Check out the tips in this article to make sure you pick a yoga teacher, and style, that's right for your next yoga retreat.
two women are doing yoga in front of a wall with the words j p on it
How often in a yoga class do you instruct your students to find a point of focus? You might encourage them to gaze past their fingertips or look at a point on the wall to help sustain balance in a challenging posture. This is a fantastic mural at #UpYogaMN and you can do something similar in your space to uplift your students
a group of people sitting on yoga mats in a room
In fact, the logistical aspects of your studio can be one of the best ways you serve your students. If you have ample parking, your students don’t have to fight for a spot on the street. If you are easy to find, your students spend less mental energy (and time) getting to class. And, in the case of providing mat cubbies at your studio, students don’t have to lug their mats to and from the studio.
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a wall decorated with striped paper and balloons
One of the best ways to build trust with your students is to be honest and authentic. The space in which you teach can then become a visual representation of this promise to your students. In the case of UpYoga, the building wasn’t always this way. The location was great, but Lindsay and John had to completely demolish the inside of the building before it could be designed to match their vision. Learn more at Swagtail.com
the 5 ways to uplift your yoga space
The yoga studio is designed to be a safe place for your students to explore their practice. While a room doesn’t have to be fancy, you can design it in a way that inspires your students when on their mat. You can make it feel like a second home to your students. And when you uplift your yoga space with beautiful and balanced decor, students will enthusiastically return to this place of ongoing inspiration.
an orange and white striped ceiling in a room with wood floors, large painting on the wall
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Yoga OM in South Lake Tahoe knows how to soundproof their yoga studio! They had the creative idea of using a parachute on the ceiling to soften unwanted noise. Check out more great ideas to manage sound in your space!
a man standing on top of a large rock next to a sign that says welcome to south lake tahoe
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There are some incredible yoga studios in the Lake Tahoe area, including OMNI and Truckee Yoga Collective. Discover more about how this latter business is impacting their community in positive ways!
yoga mats are lined up on the floor in front of large windows with trees outside
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At the end of every yoga class, you lead your students into a peaceful savasana. Yet many times nearby road noise or the loud chatter of other students just outside the studio walls can be very distracting. This can be a frustration for teachers and students alike. You can prevent these problems when you properly soundproof your yoga space. Tahoe Yoga Shala uses soft cloth sails from the ceiling. Learn more ways to do this on the blog this week!
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The strong partnership between Meghan and Hawley is one huge reason Truckee Yoga Collective is successful and thriving two years later. Another is that both owners have worked at other studios in the past and learned from the good and bad of such experiences. Here are some of the incredible ways you can learn from them to support your staff, too! This post shows shares more!
a group of women doing yoga in a room
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When you support your staff via appreciation, you build a bond of trust between you. Appreciation is where you recognize the good qualities in others. You see their worth and acknowledge their value–not just to your yoga business, but to your life and the world as a whole. Discover even more ways TO SUPPORT YOUR STAFF in this blog post.
a woman is doing yoga on the floor
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It’s true that running a yoga business involves managing many moving parts. In order to operate efficiently, Meghan says,“We want to lighten the load for our teachers. We want them to be able to be present and shine in their role as a teacher. ”To do this, TYC has simple logistics in place, like hiring front desk staff and cleaning team. Discover even more ways to support your staff in this artcile.
many different colored kites hanging from the ceiling
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Acoustical banners hang vertically from a ceiling and are a great way to absorb sound. Again, this strategy is best when you have higher ceilings. Another bonus is that you can print messages on the banners to promote the values and ideas of your studio. One more thought: Acoustical banners swing when the heat or air conditioning is powered on at your yoga space. This wave-like motion can help to soundproof the studio even more. Learn even more tips for sound management in this blog post
an empty room with luggage on the floor and a large orange circle in the middle
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Acoustical panels can be hung on the walls or dropped down from the ceiling to absorb sound in your yoga studio. Discover even more SIMPLE STEPS TO SOUNDPROOF YOUR YOGA SPACE in this blog post!
three people are doing yoga in a room with white drapes hanging from the ceiling
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This image shows acoustical sails, which are a great way to absorb sound and odors in a yoga space. Keep in mind this is a perfect strategy for high ceilings, and a place where you have natural light. Want to learn other tips to get the best sound in your yoga space?Check out this blog post!