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13 Weird Coincidences Between Abraham Lincoln And John F. Kennedy
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Have a History Teacher Explain This if They Carn Abraham Lincoln Was Elected to Congress in 1846 John F Kennedy Was Elected to Congress in 1946 Lincoln Was Elected President in 1860 Kennedy Was Elected President in 1960 Both Were Particularly Concerned With Civil Rights Both Wives Lost a Child While Living in the White House Both Presidents Were Shot on a Friday Both Presidents Were Shot in the Head NOW IT GETS WEIRD Lincoln's Secretary Was Named Kennedy Kennedy's Secretary Was Named Lincoln Both Were Assassinated by Southerners Both Were Succeeded by Southerners Named Johnson Andrew Johnson Who Succeeded Lincoln W Born in 1808 Andrew Johnson Who Succeeded Kennedy Was Born in 1908 John Wilkes Booth Who Assassinated Lincoln Was Born in 1839 Lee Harvey Oswald Who Assassinated Kennedy Was Born in 1939 Both Assassians Were Known by Their Three Names Both Names Are Composed of Fifteen Letters NOW HANG ON TO YOUR SEAT! Lincoln Was Shot a the Theater Named Ford Kennedy Was Shot in a Lincoln Car Made by Ford Booth and Oswald Were Assassinated Before Their Trials HERE'S THE KICKER! A Week Before Lincoln Was Shot He Was in Monroe Maryland a Week Before Kennedy Was Shot He Was With Marilyn Monroe BUT WAIT! THERES MORE! Lincoln Was Shot in a Theater and the Assassian Ran to a Warehouse Kennedy Was Shot From a Warehouse and Ran to a Theater Never Bothered to Post Memes but I Guess Now’s the Time to Do So *I Don’t Think This’ll Do | Abraham Lincoln Meme on ME.ME
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Guardian of Scotland
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What Newspapers Looked Like The Day Kennedy Was Shot
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John Kennedy with his kids Fotos, Jfk, Famille, Anos 60, Jfk Jr, Fotografie, Diana, Blanco Y Negro
John Kennedy with his kids
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John and Jackie Kennedy
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Politics and Poetry
White House
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Hat Art for Sale | Fine Art America
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U.S. Presidents And First Ladies Weddings And Gowns
Helen Louise Herron “Nellie” Taft’s Home Wedding