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The 9 Must-Have Apps for Bloggers: Updated with more apps!

The 9 Must-Have Apps for

Gardeners rejoice. You no longer need to have a green thumb because there is now an app for that. I’ve reviewed several gardening apps that provide you with planning, growing, and planting information that will help you plant and grow your garden. I’ve even included one that helps identify different insects. Everything to make your garden beautiful.

Essential Garden Tools You May Not Know Exist

Gardening Apps that make gardening easier. From The Seasoned Homemaker.

Reasons Why Consumers Delete Apple store and google play apps - #infographic

Why Do People Uninstall Mobile Apps? - #infographic

Why Do People Uninstall Apps infographic

Manage your money, pay your bills and track your credit score with Mint. Sign up today.

Now that you’re on your own (kinda), you get the privilege of handling your own budget. And you have no idea how to do that. Mint takes care of the details, keeping you apprised of exactly how much you have and how much you owe.

hand holding a mobile phone showing Mint's budgets' progress bars

Manage your money with Mint. See your credit score, track investments and more. Free to get started!

Strava Features | GPS Tracking, Maps, Analytics, Challenge Friends, Find Top Runs and Rides

Silicon Valley is a hotbed for young entrepreneurs. From simplifying group endeavors to apps about making other apps, startups in this region of the countr

To Round is a task manager showing your tasks as bubbles in a funnel

To Round is a task manager showing your tasks as bubbles in a funnel. All your tasks are right before your eyes! You can quickly scan what is in your agenda for the day. Mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Online Appointment Scheduling Software - Great for yoga, massage, etc.

Text Expander

TextExpander 5 for Mac: Save Time & Keystrokes with This Award-Winning Typing Shortcut Tool

The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Shipping Network - Roadie

The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Shipping Network - Roadie

iPhone app screen showing Bloom & Wild flowers, a "Send Now" button and some representative pricing

One Year Letterbox Flower Subscription

Webinar: Getting Started with Watson Analytics

Watson Analytics guides analysis with automated data visualization and discovery so you can uncover insights on your own.

17hats | Plans and Pricing

is the ridiculously easy complete system that helps automate, organize, and optimize small business management for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Get everything you need to run your business all in one app.



Colorcube by Next Apps BVBA

Colorcube on the App Store