Tellervo Syrjäkari

Tellervo Syrjäkari

Tellervo Syrjäkari
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I spent the entire first part of my life surrounded by men. 3 brothers, 7 million male cousins, my Dad, my Step-Father, I even had close male friends at school, I guess growing up around so much testosterone meant I could connect easily with the men of our species? I longed for a sister though. My entire life. I always wondered what it would have been like, to have another female energy so close to me. I yearned for softness, fragility, vulnerability....amidst all the testosterone, I was…

The beauty of this room is its thoughtful placement of an eclectic variety of beautiful treasures. This could have easily gone hoarder or tacky. I really like the the colours and print mixing.

Adore the simplicity of these candles in a tin container.  Dozens of them would be even better!

I did this with red and white candles. It turned out super cute for the first stretch of the candles being lit, but once they started melting down and getting shorter, it wasn't as cute and now I just have a little metal bucket full of wax.

Edwardian housemaids

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ English Cabinet Card of two maids in their crisply starched white aprons who must have worked in an elegant house or fine hotel.