Nanni Holén Wave Hanger - Wave Hanger makes every hall look whimsical and pleasing to the eye. You can also make this useful, cheery-looking hanger as long as you want. Wave Hanger, designed by Nanni Holén, adorns both halls and bedrooms.

Nordic lysestage - Design House Stockholm

The Nordic Light Candelabra was created by Jonas Grundell for Design House Stockholm. The Nordic Light Candelabra by Design House Stockholm is a true artist.

Design House Stockholm Tid ceramic clock

Marianne Abelsson Tid Ceramic Clock - Marianne Abelsson’s ceramic clock can tell the time on the wall or as a decoration on the table. Tid includes a black stand to support the clock.

Design House Stockholm - Barbara Black Carafe / Vase

Vase (Designed by Nina Jobs, Design House Stockholm)

Arrow - Design House Stockholm

Arrow hängare, grön

Night Light - Design House Stockholm

Night Light Svart