story stones, hand-painted rocks, childrens literacy, art stones, tell me a story. Cool new idea. Everywhere you go find a stone. Gather the stone(s) and when you get back home paint them to match the memories!

Great organizer when you want students to come up with questions or ponderings about a story or particular subject--could use for group discussion too! (Free Download)

Great general graphic organizer Get this any many other "thought bubble" printables.great for stimulating thought for character development, creative thinking and more.

Spelling Stones - how many words can you spell ... ?

Thanksgiving Spelling Activity For Kids

Who says spelling lessons have to be boring and can’t have a theme? These spelling stones are a fun Thanksgiving craft and spelling activity rolled into one.

interesting technique ... leave words on page; cut out unwanted words; page underneath shows through

Cool riff on blackout poetry. LM leave words on page; cut out unwanted words; page underneath shows through (alternative to the found poetry project) altered book page

Monica Ramos, llustration for an article on gleaning (collecting of food that would normally go to waste, and donating it to the needy) in this month’s issue of Vegetarian Times!

Meillä päin Different dialects from around

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