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a bedroom with green walls and plants in the corner
5 Beautiful ways to create space without extending your home
plant room divider
a bedroom with lots of plants and bookshelves
a living room filled with lots of plants next to a window covered in sun light
a window with a curtain hanging from it's side and a lit candle in front of it
A Simpler Thyme
kinda like the "linen" window treatment
an old fashioned window with sheer curtains and a bowl of fruit on the table next to it
Tapestry Floral | Our Linen & Lace Curtains
two candles are sitting on a window sill in front of an ornate glass window
an old fashioned sink in front of a window with lace curtains on the windowsill
A Different Type of Window Treatment
an open window with lace on it and the sun shining in from outside, behind which is a white curtain
A Different Type of Window Treatment
DIY: A Different Type of Window Treatment Tutorial ( she used 2 for four dollar salvaged windows as part of this tutorial..the result is amazing!)
there is a white dresser and mirror in front of the window with lace on it
Chandelier drops
Chandelier drops | Copyright © All rights reserved www.suzys… | Flickr
a window with white lace curtains and pink flowers
a person is holding up a window screen
5 Tips for a Budget Bathroom Makeover That Will Save You a Ton