Handmade Mothers Day Cards for Kids: 3-D Flowers    http://www.celebrations.com/content/handmade-mothers-day-cards-for-kids-3-d-flowers

Mothers Day Craft - Handmade Flower Cards : use a cut out of the child's hand print to "hold" a bouquet of flowers (could make the lilies with the hand prints as well)

Newspaper Cat Collage

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I love the idea and look of making collages with old newspapers and books, but the reality of it brings problems when trying to make consistent supplies for 150 students. Technology to the rescue with a scanner, printer and parchment paper.

Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly Craft for Kids

Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly Craft for Kids - Crafty Morning Make bow-tie noodle butterflies for a kids craft! Perfect for a summer art project. Want fantastic helpful hints concerning arts and crafts?

A self portrait would be good for a school auction.  I'm a sucker for newspaper decoupaged into stuff.

Fine Lines: Collage Cats. Look at cat pics first & note basic geometric shapes in cats.