Trees oak tree with acorns cross stitch. Do this as filet leaving open spaces for the leaf veining

I double knit this so it’s reversible (I only made one. The pictures that show two wash cloths side by side are actually two separate photographs photoshopped together in order to show both t.

Cactus Zipper Pouch | Free Pattern | Lily Sugar' n Cream

Cactus Zipper Pouch

Cactus Zipper Pouch The Cactus Zipper pouch is crocheted using the modified single crochet stitch for tapestry crochet which creates straight vertical lines of stitches. You can learn how to do th…

Note: little basket cuteness

From Elizabeth Dunker of One Fine Day "This is my collection of Hama bead baskets. This is the most beautiful way to use Hama beads in my opinion. I'm always on the lookout for these baskets, which were common in Sweden in the