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Garret ((open))  I was sitting in the library,  drawing.  I hear a very loud noise and I growl.  Why can't it be quiet for one damn minute?  I stay were I was before I see someone storm in the library.  I could feel their eyes staring at me.  I look up at you.  "May I help you? " I say with a cocky attitude.

What do you know of beauty? What is more beautiful than death? Gaze upon me, mortal queen

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Beautiful drawings by Alfred Basha. They look a little similar to my illustrations actually - very similar concept too (mixing the two forms of nature - flora and fauna).


Attacking eagle and rabbit in a leaf tattoo on arm. I love tatts with layers of meaning - things in it you don't even notice until you give it a second look.

Thinking of this becoming my cover up back piece :)!!

I love this great tattoo of a tree. Two of my favorite things. Heart Tree Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit by

Банк Эскизов

The heart and mind that great enigma .Eventually the heart not the mind makes naive and mind not the heart cynical. It would be enough to get along. by alfredbasha

heart and tree Tattoo

Very natural forearm tatto! At the bottom of tree you can see human heart. Heart is in the place where should be tree roots. This tat can be understood as long as the heart beats the tree grows and blooms!