Another really simple idea for a DIY #Valentine's gift with a mug and a sharpie pen - especially if you're not too arty! Just bake the mug at 350F or 170C for 30 mins & you're done!

Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

Bake @ 425 (NOT for 30 minutes then allow to cool in oven. Clean with rubbing alcohol before drawing. Cheap mugs (Like Mainstay @ Walmart) work best! Sharpie mug craft DIY.

S'mores aka: Bears in a Bubble cute are these? Brownies bathtub, marshmallow bubbles!

Recipe for Bears in a Bubble Bath Mini Treats.with chocolate cake mix, Rolo candies, mini marshmallows, & teddy grahams! These are the cutest treats for kids as they look like bears taking a bubble bath!

Diy Heart

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Raspberry Cheesecake For Valentines Day

gorgeous White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (perfect for valentine's day with the heart pattern!

French toast bear

10 Fun and Healthy Foods To Make With Your Kids

Want to have this for breakfast when I'm home! :D Teddy Bear Toast ~ add Nutella or Peanut Butter, Banana Slices and Raisins. For a lunch option, make a sandwich and use peanut butter as the glue for the bananas and raisin decorations.

Cute idea for Valentines Day.  I might try this...(or) just framing the song lyrics and using a red Sharpie to make a heart outline through the words.

They also have the cutest Dora the explorar game for kid to make a v day card.