Lake Sunset Kauppi Tampere Finland 7524

Sunset in Kauppi - Tampere - Finland - 7524 - Aivar Mikko Photography

Tampere, Finland

Tampere, Finland - 200 lakes and ponds, all the blood sausage you can swallow…

Valovoimainen Pirkanmaa, "Luminous Tampere region" Picture by Rami Saarikorpi.

Valovoimainen pirkanmaa

Tampere Central Square, Finland

Tampere town hall on a bright spring day. On a reflection you can see Tampere theathre and central square´s old church.

Patosilta at Tammerkoski rapid

Patosilta at Tammerkoski rapid, Tampere, Finland

Tampere, Finland

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The sun had a party in #Tampere on 28.6.2014. #tampereallbright #pispala #sunset

The sun had a party in on Finland

Pyhäjärvi, Tampere, Finland

just when you feel like you are losing hope, the sun peeks through and gives you the light to renew your strength and have faith in the new possibilities of a new day