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a dining room with orange walls and wooden flooring, an old fashioned table surrounded by chairs
Spaces — Jacqueline Marque Photography
Spaces — Jacqueline Marque Photography
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv mounted on the wall over a fire place
Happy New Year’s Eve, Eve! I’m lovin’ me some sunshine and temps happy enough to go galavanting outside without feeling that mean artic… | Instagram
an old fashioned bathroom is decorated in turquoise and gold colors with candles on the floor
Bohemian Boho
a toilet sitting inside of a bathroom next to a plant
Scandinavian Simplicity: 30 Minimalist Small Bathroom Ideas 2024
Feel calm and composed housed in sparsely decorated white-on-white baths accented lightly with natural woods and unobtrusive black metal fixtures.
an old fashioned kitchen with wooden floors and lots of potted plants
Farmhouse Kitchen Towel Crafts: 50 Cute Embellished Towels, Tabs & Tiers from Dollar Store
Finds Elevate your kitchen linens from drab to fab with easy embellished farmhouse DIY tea towels, tabs, hanging racks, and tiers using dollar store ribbon, jute, embroidery floss, fabric and more.
Shelf Decor With Plants
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an old fashioned kitchen with wooden floors and walls
a bed sitting under a window in a bedroom
48 Dazzling Vintage Boho Bedroom Ideas Dressed To Impress Despite Patina 2024
Earn favorite vintage space bragging rights by accenting rooms with heirloom canopy drapes, worldly tribal textiles, antique glass lighting and other spirited touches exuding nostalgic beauty despite wearing.
a living room with couches, chairs and a table in front of a bookshelf
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window
~♛~ Lady Basil ~♛~
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a bedroom with lots of plants in it
48 Gorgeously Boho Small Bedroom Ideas Maximizing Bohemian Style in 2024
Just because it's petite doesn't mean it can't flaunt fab boho style! These small bohemian bedroom ideas creatively infuse wanderlust spirit through globally inspired accents and vibrant details.
a small cabin in the woods with snow on the ground
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a wooden dresser and window filled with plants
39 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas with Dark and Mystical Amethyst Tones for 2024
Soften intense eggplant purple walls with brass candle sconces, star-patterned pillows and romantic candles for the ultimate soothing retreat.