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an open book with some writing on the page and a yellow piece of paper taped to it
False Friends ••• "Anyone can claim to be your #friend, but some people are #friends in name only!.... Some people will be your friend as long as things are going well, but they will turn against you when #trouble comes. A real friend will help you against your #enemies and #protect you in the #fight." ••• #truth #wisdom #realfriend vs #fakefriend #friendship #GreatPretenders ••• #bible #bibleverse #Scripture #Sirach 37
an open bible with the words, feed your soul this morning
an open bible with the word god written in green and yellow on top of it
Sirach 12:5-7 | Forgive them father for they know not what they do ... Beware the false motives of others, Be careful of those who pretend to be brothers & u never suppose it's those who are closest to u. They say all the right things to gain their position, Then use ur kindness as their ammunition. To shoot you down in the name of ambition.
a piece of paper that has some type of text on it with the word god written in green
an open book with some type of writing on it's page and the words above it
Meme✨ on Instagram: "Ecclesiasticus / Sirach 19: 6-10 | Nov 9 #latepost #heckyes || #bible #b
Meme✨ shared a post on Instagram: "Ecclesiasticus / Sirach 19: 6-10 | Nov 9 #latepost #heckyes || #bible #bibleverse #scripture #wisdom #gossip #rumour #rumors #idletalk #secret #lies #regret #Ecclesiasticus #Sirach19 #FMSPhotoaday #NovemberPhotoChallenge #photoAday #scorpio #ScorpioSeason". Follow their account to see 1269 posts.
Truths, Understanding Anxiety
an info sheet with different types of people in the world and their names on it
Random Writing Tips (Book 2)
a man walking down a path to the ocean with a bible verse above it that says, when you go through deep waters, i will be with you
an open book with yellow highlight on it
an open book with some writing on it
an open bible with green highlight on the page and some words written in cursive writing
Remember this for when you're wondering why you're left with nothing and no one... OMG, I didn't write the last sentence, but wow, that make so much sense now. It happened to Duda bundy, and now to this wicked one! I wonder what's going to happen to the other wicked one? - Pray people, and be kind. This world is cruel, and god has major wrath.