Taneli Kivelä
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My parents had this sort of hiding place at the top of the stairs to the attic during World War II to hide people from the Germans.

A secret storage in a staircase can be a great hidden storage for bulky things that look unflattering when stored in full display. It’s the same space under stairs only hidden and accessed from the floor in the staircase. At: The Bottom Of The Stairs

The Kimberly Stove- Must have for going off grid!

The Triangle of Fire is what I'm calling my three needs for heat: heating the house, cooking and heating water. The Kimberly wood stove will at least partially meet all three needs, with some.

Loft bedroom, spiral staircase, an OVEN in the kitchen... This is a dream home.

A restored 336 square feet guest home in Waco, Texas. Restored by Heritage Restorations. If you can't live in a tree house, I will take a guest house.

Cool Space!

"This loft features a desk/work area with leisure in mind by means of the hammock. The high ceiling allows room to incorporate this loft leaving the main floor with extra space for living.