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Admit It You All Think Robots Are Just Machines Built by Humans to Make Their Lives Easier Well Aren't They? Fve Never Made Anyone's Life Easier and You Know It Arabellesicardi Im the Robot Titleknown Again This Is Even Funnier if You Know What a Fucking Production Nightmare With a Possible Curse Attached to It No Less This Robot Prop Was for the Doctor Who Crew Bogleech I Want to Know About the Cursed Robot Choppers-Top-Hat So the Robot Isn't a Guy in a Suit It's an Animatronicpuppet Thing and It Wasn't Built for the Show in Fact No One Knows Who Built It One of the Producers Just FOUND IT ONE DAY in a Building Near the Studio It Had Apparently Been Built for Another Production That Was Cancelled and Then Just Left to Gather Dust So They Thought Oh Cool Let's Make This Dumb Robot the Doctor's New Companion It'll Look Neat and Weird Everyone Will Have a Gas With It NOPE Kamelion Was Incredibly Complicated to Operate So They Assigned a Guy Named Mike Powers to Figure Out the Best Way to Go About It Apparently He Did a Great Job Streamlining Kamelion's Operation and Then He Promptly Died in a Boating Accident Which Is Where the Curse Idea Comes From He Didn't Leave Any Notes or Instructions and the Show Was Already Behind Schedule So They Had to Rush Kamelion's Scenes Into Production With No Idea How It Worked It Was a Gigantic Pain in the Ass to Use Took Forever to Set Up and Needed Constant Upkeep and Repairs Everyone Hated Working With the Prop to the Point That Before Kamelion's First Episode Even Aired They Had Already Decided to Kill Him Off Later in the Same Season Peter Davison Who Played Fifth Doctor Had the Most Scenes With Kamelion and Absolutely Hated It When Kamelion Dies the Doctor Is Really Sad but Davison Said Later That It Was One of the Best Acting Jobs of His Career Because in Reality He Was Absolutely Giddy With Joy at Being Rid of the Thing Tldr in the 80's a Mystery Robot Prop Built by Unknown Hands Caused Chaos on the Doctor Who Set Lizbethanne Finding an Abandoned Mystery Robot and Bringing It Home Leading to Death Is the Most Doctor Who Plot Ive Ever Heard Source Doctorwhorama I Exist to Be an Inconvenience | 80s Meme on ME.ME
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Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow
Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow
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