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a man is using a brush to clean the grass
How to Edge a Garden Bed With Brick
a garden with grass, rocks and a blue birdbath in the middle of it
a dog is standing in the grass next to a brick path that has been built into it
20 Easy Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard
there is a drain in the ground next to some rocks and plants near a house
Rakentajatarinoita - Suomen kauneimpia koteja - Kannustalo
a rock and gravel garden bed in front of a house with steps leading up to it
Tietojärjestelmä, Tiedot
Sarastus - VS-Sarastus Oy
a stone bench with flowers growing out of it
Edge your Garden like a Pro There is a lot that goes into having a beautiful yard and garden. Besides all the planning, planting and mulching there is a very important step that too often gets ignored.
two small trees in a rock bed next to a house
Asuntomessut 2013 - käpyjä! :)
a garden with green grass and trees in the background, along side a path that leads to a house
Pihakivet ja pihalaatat nopealla toimitusajalla
Siirtonurmet on asennettu ja pihat alkaa olla valmiina!
the grass is green and ready to be used as an area for water drainages
Pihakivet ja pihalaatat nopealla toimitusajalla
Reunakivillä siistit rajaukset!
a red fire hydrant sitting on the side of a brick road next to green grass
Reunakivi 250 mm
Rudus Formento Reunalista harmaa
a dog is standing on the grass next to a brick path
Pihakivet ja pihalaatat nopealla toimitusajalla
Asuntomessut 2015, Vantaa Kivistö, Rubiinikehä 20, Torino-kivet, musta ja reunakivi 600x140x80 mm, musta.